You might remember the Boise State student, Ally Orr, who took something viral and turned it into something lasting-- and positive. Scott Yenor, an instructor of political science at Boise State University made some controversial remarks at a "conservatism conference"  where he insisted that women are more "medicated, meddlesome, and quarrelsome" than they "need to be".

It didn't take long for that to go insane on TikTok and it was Ally Orr who stood up and capitalized on the controversy--benefiting specifically, women.

Boise State Student Featured on Good Morning America… [Video]

The scholarship, "Women in STEM, Medicine and Law" crowdsourced over $200,000 in funds and now, has been awarded for the first time ever. It has been absolutely insane to watch the growth of this scholarship and now to come to fruition is truly something special.

The scholarship page on Boise States website states:

Thanks to Ally Orr, a student at Boise State, a new scholarship has just been created at Boise State University! This scholarship was created to help female students at Boise State feel supported to pursue any degree and career path they choose. Donate today to support Boise State women in STEM, medicine, and law in achieving their dreams!


According to a recent feature on Idaho's News Channel 7 (KTVB), the first ever recipient is Jessica Lambert-- a Boise native who graduated from Timberline High School--just minutes from Boise State University. Lambert is a third-year mechanical engineering student at Boise State University and was awarded $2,430 which according the news article, will be enough to get her through another semester of school.

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