For years, I feel like we have been saying "the secret is getting out"-- of course, we're talking about the "secret" that happens to be how amazing Boise is. As a local, I think that it's time we just admit-- the secret is out and it's not even a secret anymore.

With thousands of people moving into the Treasure Valley every month, the growth we are seeing here is no joke.  Sometimes, it's tough to realize how much you love something until you're away from it. While I know plenty of Boise-loving individuals that have never left the Treasure Valley at all, spending four years away at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, was eye opening. I loved my university and the community there--but Spokane, Washington? No offense, Spocompton...but no so much. There were some GREAT restaurants, breweries, and outdoor activities--but for a city that is essentially the same size as Boise? Yeah-- way too much crime going on for my liking.

A writer/reporter from Insider was sent to our very own Boise, Idaho just to see what all of the hype was about and of course--no surprise here--she was blown away by our "little" city. I saw this article shared all over the internet this weekend with people bragging about living here but at this point, aren't we just enabling the outsiders!?

The author, Sophie-Claire Hoeller, spent five days in Boise to see what makes this place so appealing to millennials.  Hoeller notes being surprised by the variety of restaurants, bars, and breweries in such a small area, complimenting most frequently 8th Street--  home to Karma, Bittercreek Ale House, and more!

The article, while "revealing" of our secret, is a pretty awesome summary of this town we call home and you can check it out, HERE.


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