I'm probably signing myself up for plenty of social media attacks by writing about global warming, or, climate change. However, I recently found a pretty interesting interactive map that has to do with global warming and the Treasure Valley that COULD show us what the weather here in Boise will be like in the year 2080.

Now, the year 2080 is a ways away-- sixty to be exact. Odds are I'll be dead or damn near close to death when we're living through the year 2080. Don't bother hunting me down by then to tell me this blog was totally crazy. I'll have been long fired by this radio group!

According to this study featured in Nature Communications, things are going to get warmer, incrementally, by the year 2080. The study uses modeling to figure out how climate change might impact a whole bunch of cities and according to their findings, the temperatures and climates for most places may begin to feel the way that some areas slightly south of us feel now.

In no instances did any city get particularly cooler.

Believe what you will about climate change, I'm of the mindset that regardless of your beliefs, I don't know that anyone can actually say humans aren't taking SOME SORT of toll on the planet. We could all certainly do better.

When you take a look at the interactive map, you will see that according to this particular study, Boise is projected to be like Oakdale, California by the year 2080--which is 16.4 degrees warmer in a typical winter.

Want to see this map for yourself? Click HERE.


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