These days, politics are on a whole different level than they were a decade ago. Whether you're a news junkie or not--it's fair to say that nobody really LOVES politics. There's a certain aspect to them, however, that everyone can appreciate and it usually arises during election season.

When candidates are running for office, they need to "stand out" and get the attention of voters and constituents. If someone running for office isn't a long-standing political figure or incumbent, there is even more of a need to be unique.

One candidate in Utah has taken this to the next level. Love it, hate it, we really don't care but the internet cannot stop watching it--or in many instances, cringing at it. 

Utah Political Candidate Leaves Internet in Awe

Did she go there? Yes, yes she did. We really can't believe we're sharing this but an elderly political candidate just hours from Boise, in Utah's District 12, dropped a rap music video announcing her candidacy.

Take a look as we break down the music video & check out the video for yourself, below!

Do you think Linda is someone that you would vote for? Does she get any credit for making this video? It is certainly...unique.

Check out the video for yourself, below: 

Full lyrics if you'd like to sing along, below: 

Hey Utah, District 12, listen up right here There’s a new name on the ballot for the Senate this year My name is Linda Paulson–Republican and Awesome! Love GOD, and Family, and the Constitution I tried to get another Conservative to run Nobody could do it so I’m getting it done I’m Pro-Religious Freedom, Pro-Life, Pro-Police The right to bear arms and the right to free speech I want LESS government control and regulation Want to stop and expose all political corruption Where’s integrity, morality, accountability? Government programs should lead to self-sufficiency And support traditional family As the fundamental unit of society But in schools they're pushing for new beliefs And just to clarify this, ‘cuz there’s some who can’t define this As a female adult, I know what a woman is I love this country, it’s a blessing to be free But freedom comes with responsibility The Constitution needs to be protected Not changed or disregarded, but Resurrected! If you share my values, if you like what I stand for Then give me your vote on the 8th of November District 12 needs a choice, Let me be your voice – Linda Paulson! Linda Paulson for Senate

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