What looks like a historic and simple home in Nampa, Idaho is actually much more than might meet the eye at first glance--and the internet can't get enough.

Let's be honest, the internet is all about "real estate porn" these days-- scrolling through thousands of photos of beautiful homes both new and historic. Each person has a feature that they fancy more than another. Is it a big kitchen, a pool, or a spacious bathroom for you?

This home in Nampa, built in 1902 has it ALL and the remodel done in 2022 brings to life so many of the historic features with a sense of respectful modernization.

We're obsessed, too.

It's located on 11th Avenue South-- a historic part of Nampa not far from downtown or one of the city's oldest churches, St. Paul's Catholic Parish. The history here runs deep.

Currently listed for sale, the remodeled home is priced at $924,000 and it's reminiscent of a home you would see listed for double the price if located near Boise's Hyde Park. This home would fit right in there.

Now let's take a look inside this home that has lovers of historic homes on the internet totally fan-girling! 

A Look Inside One of Nampa's Most Historic Homes

Nampa is home to such beauty--take for example, this home built in 1902 that the internet just can't get enough of.

Would you live in a home with this much history or do you think it could be haunted!? The 6-bed, 3-bath, 3,500 square foot home could be yours for just shy of a million! Give us a tour once you buy... 

See the home for yourself, HERE.

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