Boise State football has a lot to prove this year--and the fans are ready to watch it all unfold. If you were to compare recent history of Boise State football to that of the dominance they displayed over the last couple of decades, you would notice that despite having some "winning seasons", the team hasn't been what it once was.

What's to blame for the gradual decline in success? It seems after Chris Petersen and his recruiting classes left Boise State, the same success just hasn't been there. No Mountain West domination and no major bowl game appearances--or consideration.

We wanted to know what football fans in both Idaho and Oregon had to say about this weekend's matchup to kick off the college football season and nobody can really decide which way this game is going to go!

Oregon State is a slight favorite on the "Vegas Line" and ESPN's odds experts have this game nearly at a complete 50/50 toss up.

Last time Boise State took on a team dawning Black & Orange--they lost a tough one at home to Oklahoma State!

Here is what football fans have to say about the matchup:





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