Is it a stretch? Yes. It is possible? Anything is. Do we love it? Yes, yes we do.

There's a conspiracy theory swirling online about Taylor Swift and the University of Idaho that made us laugh enough to need to share. We aren't here to play judge and jury, we just want your thoughts.

As you probably know, Taylor Swift is the biggest name on the globe when it comes to music and most things 'pop culture' these days. Just last week, Swift released not one but two new albums after spending the entire year atop music charts and sales records for her existing music and record-shattering stadium tour.

Did Taylor Show Idaho some 'secret' love on National Television while accepting her Grammy earlier this year? Some fans's possible.

Are you familiar with the term 'V's Up'?

It's the way that Idaho Vandal's show their team spirit and it looks an awful lot like a peace sign.  Most notably seen when head coach of the Idaho Vandal football team, Jason Eck, shares news and updates about the program. You always see him 'throwing the V's Up'!

One fan account had a point....


Everything with Taylor seems to be 'code'--could she be suggesting a halftime prefomance at The Kibbie Dome? Or--is the 'V' not Idaho related at all?

Chime in!

Even here in Boise, Taylor Swift's fans gathered to celebrate the release of her new album, 'The Tortured Poets Department'-- take a look at the hundreds of fans that gathered in downtown Boise! 

A Look at Boise Swifties Awaiting The New Album

It's clear that Boise LOVES Taylor Swift!

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