If there’s one thing we can count on in the midst of everything else seemingly falling apart, it is the unfailing ability of the Internet to make light of a serious situation. 

Obviously right now we’re discussing Idaho’s drastic spike in gas prices. 



The average prices of gas right now in Idaho:

  • Regular: $4.36
  • Mid-Grade: $4.54
  • Premium: $4.75
  • Diesel: $5.00


These prices are up around 40 cents per gallon from one week ago, nearly a dollar from a month ago, and around $1.50 from a year ago.

We are currently at the highest price for gasoline in our country’s history, and we haven't seen prices even come close to being this high since 2008 with the recession. 


What does this mean for Idahoans?

Unfortunately for Idahoans, the surge in gas prices has an especially harmful impact because we are a commuter community. 

Public transportation is not prevalent within the Treasure Valley, especially for those who live outside of downtown Boise, and many of us live in surrounding areas that we have to commute to and from. 

The average commute for Idahoans is 17-25 minutes each way, so it goes without saying that the continued rising price of gas is extremely worrisome and may have a serious economic impact for many citizens. 


How are people handling this?

Well, we turned to the Internet to see how others were reacting to this current situation, and we were pleasantly surprised that instead of doom scrolling, we were laughing our butts off.

On Reddit, the user u/TheBravan posted a joke:



…and the Internet took it from there.


Keep scrolling down to see some of the hilarious jokes and insights that were added. 

We’re not sure if we’re laughing or crying, but if we’re going to be stressed anyways, we might as well laugh about it, too.

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