Did you see the headline about the Nampa mom who beat her children and shaved their heads as punishment for eating ice cream?

According to KTVB, Zapata told relatives that she "lost it" after discovering her children - two boys and two girls ranging in age from 3 to 9 - had eaten ice cream on July 18, 2017.
Deputies say Zapata beat all four of her children with a belt, causing extensive bruising and shaved some of her children's heads.

Believe me, as a parent I can understand how she felt when she claims she "lost it." Being a parent is tough, tiring, and stressful. I have my hands full with one girl and couldn't imagine having four children. But that's where my understanding stops. As parents, we have to know when discipline turns into abuse. Beating and your shaving your daughters head as punishment for something as innocent as eating ice cream is not debatable; it's wrong.

As for the sentence. Are 90 days in county jail sufficient? After reading more of the story, it does look like Mrs. Zapata is "engaging herself in the appropriate treatment" and learning how to handle her children better. There also seems to be some anger management that needs to take place. This is a horrible story and remember, the longer she stays locked up, the longer the children go without their mother. Nobody wins.

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