It was only a matter of time before COVID-19 made it into our schools. If you recall, as the global pandemic began to spread to the United States, we were just getting into Spring. For most schools in our area, spring break was right around the corner and many chose to go into that early, to see if this virus would "blow over".  Most school, after that moment, never went back into session.

Now, as schools all around the Treasure Valley are opening up later than planned--many months after the initial shock of COVID-19--we're navigating a very real presence of COVID-19 in our communities.

We all knew it would happen eventually as community spread has become a reality--a positive case in a local school. We've seen stories about this several times now. However, a headline surrounding a positive case in Emmett made me think: how will schools handle this?

According to Idaho's 2 News, Emmett High School experienced a positive COVID-19 case and two probable cases. Emmett High School then shut down for a day, planned a "deep cleaning" of the school, and students will return on Monday for in-person learning.

What is a "Deep Clean" and is it enough?

We know that the school, should numbers go up, will plan to go back to a virtual or hybrid model if an increase is present. However, I want to know if a "deep clean" is enough to keep students, parents, and families feeling safe? Some student must live with high or at-risk folks.

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