Would you be ok with your kids riding to school here in Idaho in an all-electric school bus?

Because it's already happening in other parts of the country.

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As of 2023, there are over 2,300 electric school buses currently operating in the United States. On top of that, over 6,000 more electric school buses that are being built to be used coming soon.

With so many Americans divided on if electric vehicles are our future, would you be ok with your kids being driven to school in an electric school bus? Or should you get more of a say what kind of transportation is being used when it comes to your children?

Well, if you're not prepared for it, you'd better be. Because it's already happening here in Idaho. As a matter of fact, the Clean School Bus Program has awarded around $3 billion to purchase around 8,500 electric and alternative fuel buses for school districts across the country.

According to the EPA, one major reason they want to switch to all-electric buses is because of the damage diesel fuel exhaust can do to humans. They say:

[Exposure to diesel exhaust can also] “worsen existing heart and lung disease, especially in children and the elderly."


Ok, so maybe you're not keen on the idea of electric school buses. Would you prefer driving your very own tractor to school? Sure, it'd take a lot longer to get there, but imagine how cool you'd be pulling up to the school parking lot!

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