Why is Mother's Day so important? Do moms do ALL the work? What about us dads! MOMS! MOMS! MOMS! I get it, but why is it that important? Are cards and flowers enough or does it even matter? I have a personal answer that I believe you should read.

Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s your flowers from the grocery store, a card from isle 3, some mixed fruit and balloon for the cherry on top! I know this because I’m a man and saw the rest of the men doing exactly that Sunday morning. Whoa! I’m not judging and I’m sure a lot of women would die for even the gesture of a thanks. My question is what are we thanking these women for? Don’t answer yet, just think and I’ll come back to that.

My parents separated at a very young age and most of my Mother’s Days revolved around everyone sneaking to sign a card for my stepmother (I only refer to that in the blog to help you understand who she is.) My real mother was in my life, but I think she was trying to figure out she was and that’s probably what’s caused our complicated relationship. My point is I never understood the extreme importance of Mother’s Day. Today I know.

Lennox being born is what opened my eyes and this one moment that sticks.

It was a late night and I saw the trend starting in which everyone warned me about.

“Don’t let your kids sleep in the bed!” - Every parent.

Paige was standing next to the bed holding our son Lennox and as I walked in she just stood there with tears streaming down her face. She looked at me and said,

“I’m so sorry babe. He has been a part of me for 9 months and I know the crib is just a few feet away, but I just can’t do it. I feel so far away and I just….”

I stopped her and gave them both a hug and told her not to worry about it. I understand now. That’s when I realized that I didn’t and would never REALLY understand the bond between a mother and her child. I’m sure that comment will offend some men and I’m apologizing now because every person’s life is different. This is mine. This is how I see it.

Today is Mother’s Day and most of us men probably think we get it, but in all actuality - we don’t have a clue. Paige is an extraordinary mother. Most people will never have a kidney stone or better yet one that puts you in the hospital. Paige’s kidneys produce an abnormal amount of kidney stones and at last check had 7 in the left and 8 in the right. This woman has had to fight for a normal healthy life when others just live it. She’s had more surgeries than most people have in a lifetime. Paige eats like a horse (sorry to use that analogy - I love you and there’s a reason coming) and all she hears is, “Girl you need to eat a cheeseburger already!”

We went through a traumatic event with our son in December and it scarred us both. A G.I. bleed, ruptured ulcer, ambulance and emergency surgery put life in perspective.

She evaluates each diaper every day and keeps the closest eye on each breath. This mother has had to listen to Lennox look for daddy over the past year, but daddy was at work before he woke. Paige has entertained our child for a year as I woke at 5 A.M. and didn’t come home till 8 P.M. Live for 175 just finished and the most I received from management was questions surrounding my lack of dedication to the number of blogs I’ve done. My family didn’t so much as acknowledge it and think what I do is pretty much a hobby. Paige however, is there like a rock and holds our little family together protecting our son. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without her. I know I’m a good man, but we suck. We don’t REALLY know what women go through and our answer is one day of flowers with a balloon.

Here’s why we say thank you and Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for putting yourself last in order to protect everyone else. Thank you for NEVER taking the last piece of ANYTHING. Thank you for apologizing when it’s not your fault and thank you for not asking for a thank you. I don’t know whether any of this makes sense, but I’m pretty sure about one thing. If I lose my job today because I don’t fit their mold, you will love me one second after I leave. One minute after I’m gone. Forever after a moment.

Happy Mother’s Day Paige and to all the women that come across this blog. Happy Mother’s Day to the moms that are also fathers and don’t receive capes with a cool letter on the back. Happy Mother’s Day everyday and thanks for being a role model. Most importantly thanks for taking on the most thankless job in the world.

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