In March you could hear the disappointment coming from Idahoans who had been playing the Powerball ldaho lotto game for 30 years. When it was announced that the game would be going away as early as August of this year people were not happy at all. The lottery gods must of heard the outcry from the loyal Gem state players because according to a ktvb report...

"Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson told a House committee on Wednesday that negotiations to add Australia in 2021 and Britain in 2022 to Powerball had broken down and won't happen until at least next year. That means Powerball in Idaho will continue past what had been expected to be an August end date."

So is it here to stay for good? Should we all go out and out and pull our life savings from the bank and play as much Powerball as possible till we get rich or is this going to be a permanent thing? According to the press release "Powerball will continue in Idaho for at least one more year"

"Freedom to play Powerball is restored. This is a game that Idahoans have enjoyed for three decades," said Anderson in a press release. "The voters of Idaho created the Lottery in 1989 after an initiative was placed on the ballot by the Idaho Legislature which received an affirmative vote of the people in the 1988 general election. Shortly thereafter, Idaho was one of the 13 original states that created Powerball in February 1992."

670,000 Idahoans enjoy playing Powerball every year according to the Idaho lottery. Idaho public schools receive $14 million in dividends and retailers earn about $1.5million for selling the Powerball tickets so you can see why so many people will be smiling for at least one more year. Get your favorite numbers together and shoot your shot, you have been given a second chance to get rich or waste your money depending on how you look at it.

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