When I was a kid my Dad always encouraged me to play soccer. Not only was and still is he a huge soccer fan but he coached and played until he was in his 40's. I liked soccer but it wasn't my favorite sport so I eventually moved on and started playing baseball. I feel like a lot of parents want their kids to live the parents dreams and don't necessarily encourage the kids to participate in the sport or activity of their choice.

The day I watched the football movie Concussion, it opened my eyes to a whole new world. I grew up watching Junior Seau play with the Chargers then witnessed the tragic end to his life. I thought why would anyone let their child play football if there is a chance that they could be affected the way these NFL stars have been. There may be a solution to allowing kids to participate in a sport they love while still keeping it safe.

"Starting this season, Optimist Youth Football will offer the new limited-contact Flex flag football, as well as tackle football and cheerleading programs, to the communities of Nampa, Middleton, Caldwell, and Marsing in addition to Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Star, Kuna, Mountain Home, Homedale, and Emmett."

"Limited contact Flex flag football"... is that the answer? I don't know but it sounds like a decent option. In their press release the Optimist Youth Football program which has been around for 73 years said this in regards to safety.

"This partnership will help ensure that the latest coaching techniques, philosophies, and safety protocols, which are among the best offered by any youth football program in the country, are being taught," said OYF president Jerron Moore. "It will also broaden the experience for hundreds of kids as they get to meet and interact with peers from all over the valley."

Treasure Valley parents... Do you think tackle football is to dangerous for kids?



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