Are you in Idaho? Ok great. Go outside.

Notice anything? Like how it's abysmally hot right now in the Gem State?

Yes, it's hot. Really, really hot in Idaho right now. As a matter of fact, we're hitting near 110 degrees numerous times just this week. It's scalding outside.

But do we have pop superstar Taylor Swift to blame for the recent influx of heat in Idaho? Let's investigate a bit further.

The last time Taylor Swift performed live in Idaho was all the way back in 2009. Mmmhmm. It's been fifteen years since Swifty has graced us with a live show in Idaho.

Why does that matter? Because the average high in July back in 2009 wasn't 110 degrees. It's actually closer to 100. Which isn't quite as hot.

Which means the average temperature in Idaho has gone up since the last time Taylor Swift performed here.

Is it Taylor's fault that it's hotter in Idaho now than it was last time she visited? We're not sure, but until we can prove it, we're just asking questions.


On the concert tip, do you think Boise would even be able to handle a Taylor Swift show in 2024? Do we even have the infrastructure in place? What would we do about parking? Are there enough security guards in the entire state of Idaho?

Again, just asking questions.

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Just make sure you don't go attacking Taylor in the comments, because she has an army of fellow famous people who will jump to her defense at a momen't notice.

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