The Green Belt is absolutely one of my favorite things about living in Boise. Some mornings I'll ride my bike and enjoy the sights, the smells, it's way more peaceful than dealing with the morning traffic mess on state street. When I'm by myself, I usually don't have any problems. But today, when I was with my daughter that all changed.

Maybe it was the fact that she's smaller than a adult human, maybe the cyclist just wasn't paying attention but some guy on a bike nearly clipped her. The guy didn't even yell "on your left" like a curious person would do.

Woman injured on Greenbelt after avoiding speeding cyclist

It tells the story of a woman named Michelle that was seriously injured while avoiding a biker on the Greenbelt near Ann Morrison Park. Because of her injury she had to go to the hospital which cost her thousands of dollars. One must ask, with Boise's growing population, is the greenbelt still safe?



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