Let me be upfront and share with you that I'm not a big soda drinker. However when I drink soda its not a cola, its something different like a Blueberry Fago, a Cactus Cooler or a Dr Pepper. Today I heard Mateo talking about a Dr. Pepper shortage and I felt compelled to find out more,  apparently it's a real thing and Dr. Peppers's twitter confirmed it.


We know it’s harder to find Dr Pepper these days. We’re working on it – hang tight! Note: This applies to all flavors of Dr Pepper – including our newest permanent addition to the family, Dr Pepper & Cream Soda.

Why is there a shortage? Can you say COVID-19? The Aluminum Association told the USA TODAY  that the is an "unprecedented demand" for cans "prior to and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic."

The American Beverage Association told CNN

"Beverages in convenient take-home packages like aluminum cans are particularly popular right now, and beverage company employees are doing all they can to make sure store shelves remain fully stocked,"

The moral of the story is hide your kids, hide your wife and your Dr. Pepper, COVID-19 is coming for everyone and everything.

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