A new law in Idaho has become active and it's changing the way that students vote in the State of Idaho. Some say it is a safety measure while other say that it is making voting more difficult--especially, for students.

The law states that student ID cards are no longer acceptable as valid ID for someone that may show up to vote--or register to vote.

In order to present valid identification when it's time to vote or to register to vote, one of the following forms of identification must be presented by the Idaho resident:

  • A valid Idaho drivers license
  • A valid identification card issued by the State of Idaho
  • A Tribal Identification Card
  • A concealed weapons license that has been issued by a country sheriff in the State of Idaho

Before, student identification cards were accepted.

A couple of voter-focused organizations have challenged the law, stating that this is making voting more difficult and they are accusing Idaho legislators of attempting to control voter turnout in the State of Idaho.

In order to vote, your drivers license or other form of identification would also need to have a current mailing address--making things difficult for folks who may have moved. It seems that now more than ever, keeping these documents current and up to date may be crucial.


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