Throughout history, there have been a plethora of amazing comic book superheroes (and villains) to choose from. Whether you prefer the likes of Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman from DC...or perhaps Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics, there's no shortage of fantastic fictitious characters to choose from.

And with Spiderman and The Batman as two of the biggest movies as of late, comic book characters are definitely in the zeitgeist across the country, and Idaho is no exception.

Luckily, we don't have to sit here and fight about which comic book character Idaho prefers. We've got receipts. A recent survey revealed each state's favorite comic book character, and we're relieved to say, Idaho picked a good one.

Idaho's favorite super hero is none other than...

...the Merc with the Mouth...Deadpool!

Idaho made a wise choice here, considering Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds in the recent films) is one of Marvel Comics' most beloved characters. Between having zero awareness of subtly during combat, or constantly breaking the fourth wall, fans love Deadpool.

Good choice, Idaho.

In other parts of the country, Superman is the most popular choice for eight different states, while Supergirl and The Incredible Hulk were both favorited in seven states each.

Who's your favorite comic book character? Is it someone popular like Batman? Wolverine? Aquaman? Or do you prefer your characters a bit more niche like Spawn, Hellboy, or even The Umbrella Academy? Let us know on Facebook so we can nerd out, talk about comics, and find some way to make fun of California for whoever they chose (it was Captain Marvel, by the way.)

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