It should come as no surprise that we are experiencing national shortages of items. 

From the very beginning of the pandemic, we saw this phenomenon as toilet paper and cleaning supplies absolutely disappeared from the shelves of our stores. 



And then, as the coronavirus persisted and the world went into lockdown, shortages became unfortunately more common. 

In fact, as the years have gone by, this phenomenon has become almost a part of our daily lives. 


Why are there so many shortages?

These shortages are largely due to companies across the world experiencing supply chain issues.

A few of the key components to this egregious issue are:

  • Shortages of specific supplies
  • Increased demand for products
  • Shortages of healthy, capable workers
  • Shipping issues and delays


However, although this has become more common, it does not make it any less alarming when popular items seem to be missing from the shelves of our grocery stores.

Especially when these items are essential to our everyday lives. 


An example of this can be seen in the recent shortage of baby formula

Parents across the country were thrown into a full-blown panic when the food they used to feed their children was suddenly missing from stores, with no reprieve in sight. 

This wasn’t just a minor inconvenience – this was potentially the difference between life and death.


So, what other items are currently (or about to be) missing from our Idaho grocery stores?

Continue reading below for six more items, and more importantly, why they’re disappearing.

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