You've paid for new bedding for your dorm. Books. A mini fridge.

Thought you were done budgeting college? Think again.

The Idaho State Board of Education will meet Wednesday to address proposed tuition hikes from both BSU and U of I. Exactly how much more is it going to hurt your wallet? The answer isn't fun.

U of I is proposing a whopping 6% tuition increase, taking annual tuition costs from $7,232 to $7,668. This is double the 3% increase that U of I imposed last school year. That number may seem daunting, but it's nothing compared to the 11% tuition hike U of I had back in 2003.

At Boise State, the situation is lightly less grim. They are asking to increase tuition 5.1%, which would mean a cost of $7,440 per year.

Additionally, Louis-Clark State College is requesting a 3.5% bump, after their 2% increase last year.

Of course, if the Idaho State Board of Education doesn't give these increases the okay, this is all for naught. We'll know more after the meeting Wednesday.