Most of us start out the year fired up and full of optimism. We set goals and have a list of resolutions that we must accomplish. Think about how many professional and personal goals you've set versus how many you've accomplished. What is the difference between them? Action steps. Goals without action steps are just wishes that will most likely never come true.

Here we are halfway through the year and it's time to look in the mirror. What goals did you set and what we're the action steps associated with those goals? Have you followed through? Are you on track? Did you fall of the wagon? Sometimes we lose focus and we need to reset. Their is no better time than today to do so. If you're on track look back and be proud of your progress and continue to move forward. If you need to reset, make sure that you have actions steps that will get you to the goal and don't waste another day, the second half of the year will fly by just like the last six months did.

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