I used to take these types of short cuts around construction all the time when I was younger until someone told me it was illegal to do these types of things! 

Let's be honest, it seems like the Treasure Valley has been one giant zone of orange cones for freakin' forever now.  The new construction on Cole Road just adds to the existing traffic headaches in Boise.  Part of Cole Road is closed where construction crews are replacing an underground irrigation pipe.  According to Channel 2, drivers are supposed to take a detour at Milwaukee Street but many drivers are choosing not to do that.

Instead, they've moved the orange cones or cut through the Albertsons parking lot. ACHD says those drivers using the parking lot instead of the detour are putting shoppers at risk because they're driving too fast through a pedestrian filled area.  In fact, it's actually illegal to use the parking lot as a short cut so BPD is stepping up their enforcement.  If you're one of the rule breakers, it's likely you'll be pulled over and ticketed.

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