It may be the most dreaded (or two of the most dreaded) day of every year. Your day to go to the dentist.

I've never understood why people try and avoid the dentist office so much, but maybe that's just me.  Growing up in a home where I thought new electric toothbrushes were the most exciting thing ever, I just don't get the fear! My mom is also a dental hygienist, so going to  the dentist office after school while waiting for her to get off of work was also a common occurrence as a kid.

Seeing as today is National Dentist Day--I vote, you check in with your dentist!

Not to brag or anything, but I've never had a cavity in my life and I credit regular visits to my dentist for that. It's nice being able to leave the dentist office feeling refreshed and not in pain.

There are dentists all over town and if you're concerned about insurance or cost, you can always check in with your local health district office for resources on affordable and great care!

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