I have heard the term "hag" thrown around for years and its always been in good fun and in a very playful manner. This is ironic if you consider the actual definition of the word. According to google "a witch, especially one in the form of an ugly old woman (often used as a term of disparagement for a woman)." Oops, maybe it's time to slow down on the usage of that word. On the other hand all of a sudden it makes all the sense in the world as to why National Hag (witch) Fish Day would be in October. The next question that pops is my head is what is a hag fish? and why does it get a national day? The answers are below compliments of national day calendar .



On the third Wednesday in October, Hagfish Day brings awareness to the evolved but slimy hagfish. 

Hagfish are considered to be the ugliest of species. The idea behind this National Day is to encourage everyone to look beyond the exterior of the Hagfish and appreciate how highly evolved they are. Not unlike a book cover, the day points out the benefits of looking deeper into the subject.

The hagfish offers many benefits to the ecosystem. Despite its unappealing exterior, it scavenges the ocean floor, cleaning up the debris of dead marine animals. The slime they produce protects them from predators. While it’s thinner than human hair, the slime is stronger than nylon. Researchers are seeking the potential commercial, medical and environmental uses of slime.

In some cultures, this eel is even considered a delicacy.


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