Yes, it's here and we couldn't ask for a better day to celebrate it: National Ice Cream Day.

After a hot weekend with a ton of events happening, it seems we all deserve a scoop of ice cream. There are a handful of different places that you can grab a solid scoop of ice cream at but here are just a few of my ideas!

  • 1

    The Stil

    Downtown Boise

    Located next to literally everything right in downtown Boise, The Stil is my favorite place to get ice cream in Boise. Feeling a little edgy? Get a scoop of their alcohol infused ice cream!  These guys make everything in house with local ingredients and you can taste it--this isn't your normal scoop!

  • 2

    Baskin Robins

    Any Location

    Get their Baskin-Robbins mobile app for a buy-one-get-one offer today only! They're sure to have a ton of flavors you will love.

  • 3

    Whole Foods

    Broadway Ave, Boise

    Feel like eating ice cream at home for National Ice Cream Day? That's possible too, with this Whole Foods offer!  Today, drop in and get two pints of Ben & Jerry's for just $6.  Have Amazone Prime? They'll take an extra 10% off for you.

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