I made a note to write this article today because it has a special meaning for me this year. Today is National Rescue a Dog Day and we just recently lost our little Ace to some heart issues.

It was pretty bad because the COVID-19 quarantine didn't really allow me to enter the premises of the hospital and stay with him. I showed up with Ace realizing everyone was sitting in cars waiting outside in cars.

I like to think I'm a very optimistic person but I remember my wife before leaving that night and she knew. The tears rolled down her face because she felt it would be the last time he would be home. I said goodbye to Ace and I remember her asking me if I wanted to say goodbye one more time. These are those first new things as a dad I'm encountering and it was difficult.

My son keeps asking for me to bring home Ace's magical dust so we can bury him. This just kills me each time and that's why I wanted to remind you that adopting a dog is the best. We live in a dog city and we have plenty of resources for you to check. Today is just national reminder that these animals need love too.

Adopting a pup is the way to go. You get the opportunity to love someone who isn't being loved. I'll post a few resources below for you to check. Make sure to call ahead because some places do have some COVID-19 restrictions.

I just spoke with Kristine Shellhaas, Communication Manager for the Idaho Humane Society regarding COVID-19.

You could usually just walk and find your favorite pet but COVID-19 has definitely added security precautions for everyone involved. Please use our website to sign-up and the team will call you with more information on adoption in order. We want to make sure everyone including those animals are safe.

Kristine went on to say they receive 6500 pets per year and your family gives these pets a second chance at life. Follow the links below for more information 🐶

Good luck!


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