Well, today is another one of those made-up food holidays but it's one I'm not bad about...AT ALL. National Spaghetti Day? That seems like something that I can get down with on a Friday night! Today is the big day and no matter what your nutritional goals are for 2019, today is a reason (not an excuse) to dig in on some spaghetti.

Growing up, I had a friend whose grandmother would visit once a year from Italy and it was always the highlight of the year for our football team...homemade pasta strung out across the kitchen waiting to be turned into some of the most amazing spaghetti you could ever eat.

Obviously, such homemade cuisine isn't as accessible to everyone so there's GOT to be a place in the Treasure Valley that has some bomb spaghetti. Know of a place? I'm looking for it. Where is yours or your families go-to spot for some spaghetti or even just Italian Food? Post up! Let us know!

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