You may remember this crazy picture above from a couple of summers ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a long day at work and I was leaving the radio station a little later than usual. I'm used to being the only car driving up Parkcenter Boulevard when I'm off of the radio.  I'm also used to seeing Table Rock lit up on my drive home through Southeast Boise. This night, something was crazy...Table Rock was on fire. I rolled down my windows and I could hear the sirens blaring already. I called Kekeluv late that night and told him he would never believe this sight.  I jumped on the radio, Keke headed out to grab pictures, and we both literally watched this fire grow, taking over Boise's most beloved hiking route.

This all happened because one negligent individual and a firework.

With firework season officially kicking off this coming Saturday at midnight, I think it's pretty important everyone knows the rules behind these things. I think I speak for the city: we never want to see a fire that shouldn't have happened like this ever again.

First, it's important to note that NO FIREWORKS can be fired off in the foothills. Not sure what's considered the foothills? Click HERE for a detailed map.

Safe and sane fireworks, as described by the Boise Fire Department are completely fine as long as they are lit safely by an adult. These are fireworks that can be legally bought from local firework stands.  Things like bottlerockets that fly into the air are NOT legal.

The City of Boise has a really useful pamphlet that can spell out the details for you, find that HERE.

Most importantly-- if you see something unsafe this firework season, say something. It could be the difference between another massive fire or not. Boise Police and Fire are ready to enforce and protect this summer!

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