Taxes.  I know, I know--it's that pesky task we all have to do every year that NOBODY wants to think about.

Well, if you're due a refund you may not mind them as much and believe it or not, it's never "too early" to file your paperwork to the IRS.

No, I'm not excited about taxes but I wanted to share the thought with you because I filed mine away to the IRS the very first day they were accepting paperwork. Today, I got my refund. Just like that--a stack of cash got direct deposited to my account (and in perfect time for my vacation this weekend).

In fact, I checked the status on my Idaho Tax Return today as well and that is marked as "On the way".

I filed my taxes for free through the online services at H & R Block--but you can find several other free E-file options on-line as well.

Need some help? Have some questions? Idaho offers free tax help and you can find some near you, by clicking HERE.

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