We have been running a late night contest for quite some time in downtown Boise and if you have been out and about, you've probably seen my face around some busy corners. Sure, after a night of partying you'll probably see my face anyway--but I've been plastered all over downtown Boise's food carts as I search for Boise's best!

There are a ton of carts that serve up hot dogs their own specials ways in downtown Boise. There's Mexican cuisine, there's wraps, corn dogs-- a little of EVERYTHING. While yes, there are other late night eating options, there's just something fun and lovable about something ULTRA local owned, operated, and sold by familiar local faces on the the corners of downtown Boise.

While you're out and about this weekend, pop by a stand that looks good, smells the best, sounds the best-- you choose--tell us what you think by dropping a VOTE in for one of these awesome carts. Voting ends on SUNDAY!

Looking for the ballot? Just click HERE.

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