Here it is, a Wednesday afternoon as I sit at my desk feeling ashamed that I had no clue this week was American Craft Beer Week. What am I doing with my life!? It's time to pass up the vodka ginger ale's and make the switch to some locally brewed, craft beer-- just for the rest of the week anyway.

This week, named American Craft Beer Week is in its thirteenth week of life and it's a real celebration of small and independent craft brewers all across the United States. According to the craft beer association website, 98% of all breweries in the entire country are small and independent!

Right here in Boise, it has been awesome to see local business thriving--many of these examples being craft breweries. It's definitely a northwest culture of local beers that Boise has seemed to buy into. From IPA's to stouts, Boise is home to some of the best in the entire country!

So-- in honor of American Craft Beer Week...get out there and have a brew!

Which Boise or Idaho brewery is your favorite?

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