OK, we all know it, there's only ONE Santa out there, but I though the picture above of Santa and his twins was awesome.

If there's one thing that gave me anxiety as a kid during Christmas, it was knowing WHERE Santa was. Was he on his way? Would he get his cookies I left out? Does he know I'm laying in bed wide awake? Yeah, I was a weird kid.

Well, for those kids out there looking to know the status of Santa like I used to--the North Pole has taken Santa-tracking to a whole new level. Now, you can track Santa online, or right from your phone. I just checked, and as I write this, he's 3 days and 5 hours away from taking off to deliver gifts around the world.

You'll need this tracker to make sure you know when you've got to be asleep. We all know he won't be leaving any gifts if you're up and waiting for him by the tree.

To track Santa in real-time, play games as you wait, and more-- click HERE!

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