When it comes to celebrities from Boise-- a few names come to mind. Aaron Paul, anyone? As for athletes, there's a long lineage of athletes that have used Boise as a launching pad to get to the next level: Kellen Moore, Leighton Vander Esch, and even coaches like Chris Petersen.

The biggest Boise star on the globe this week? Sophia Huerta, a Boise-born soccer pro that is playing for the USA women's team at the WORLD CUP!

In Boise, Huerta played at Centennial High School and was named the Idaho Gatorade Player of the Year not once but twice. Her skills took her to playing Division I soccer at Santa Clara--and from there launched into the professional ranks. While she was not picked by the U.S.A. at the U20 ranks, her father made her eligible to play for Mexico. Once the U.S. team wanted her, FIFA approved the move.

Let's be clear--Huerta didn't just "come out of nowhere"--she's been a force in women's soccer for years now!

Boise Soccer Star Sophia Huerta Shines at World Cup

It isn't ever day that one of Boise's own gets to be a superstar on a global stage. Sophia Huerta is putting us on the map!

How amazing is it to see one of Boise's own highlighted like this!? 

The U.S. women's soccer team has won their first game in the World Cup and on a global stage, recently highlighted all of the players on the roster. Along side Megan Rapinoe--perhaps the most famous women's soccer on the planet--is Boise's own Sophia Huerta.

Her interview is fascinating--as she talks about her passions, her favorite memories and experiences as a pro--and most powerful: overcoming challenges. Huerta notes that she has been told 'no' a lot over the years, and her successes continue to prove some of those no-sayers wrong. She emphasizes that the journey hasn't been easy--and she's fought to earn it.

Check out the feature, below: 

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