An Airbnb guest is reportedly refusing to leave a luxury home in Los Angeles, Calif., despite staying hundreds of days past their check-out date.

The Los Angeles Times reports Elizabeth Hirschhorn has been living rent-free at a multi-million dollar mansion in Brentwood for more than a year and a half.

Her stay at the property was supposed to end in April 2022, but she is reportedly refusing to vacate unless the property owner, Sascha Jovanovic, ponies up a relocation fee of $100,000, according to a settlement offer.

A judge initially ruled that the host had no legal reason to evict Hirschhorn due to the city's rent stabilization laws, and that the home had never been approved for occupancy in the first place.

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"The landlord broke the law and tried to make money by renting out an illegal bootleg unit. After he was caught, instead of doing the right thing, he has resorted to bullying, harassment, and the filing of frivolous lawsuits containing elaborate false stories, all in an attempt to cover his tracks," Hirschhorn's attorney, Colin Walshok, told The Los Angeles Times.

Jovanovic's attorney, Sebastian Rucci, shot back at the claims.

"She’s the tenant from hell. If she’s right, the theory is that if a landlord has something that isn’t permitted, then you can stay in it rent-free forever," Rucci said.

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Jovanovic is now suing Hirschhorn in an attempt to recoup $58,000 in rent, as well as to appeal the judge's decision to dismiss the eviction case.

"This isn’t about one ruling, it’s about the entire foundation. If she’s right, you can rent an Airbnb for two days and refuse to leave on the third, unless the landlord pays you to leave," Rucci said.

Meanwhile, Hirschhorn filed a counter-suit back in August.

While the case works its way through the courts, the tenant is still living on the property.

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