You don't need to be a political junky to know that the rhetoric out there these days is far from kind--and it's being thrown back and forth between both political parties.  Here in the middle are the few, the average...the folks that are forced to decide who we're going to vote for while grown adults act like children!

We digress.

A rally held in North Idaho has recently gained a lot of traction on the internet and its all because of a few "aggressive" speeches given. Imagine that.

The 'ReAwaken America Tour', as it's called, is headlined by Eric Trump (son of Donald Trump) and General Michael Flynn (former National Security Advisor to the Trump Administration) but also features many other speakers like the My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell and several religious leaders.

One familiar name, Pastor Mark Burns, was filmed giving a speech at this rally held in Post Falls, Idaho over the weekend and it didn't take long for the clip to spread like a wildfire online:




Are Idaho democrats coming from the gates of hell? It appears Pastor Burns thinks so!


One interesting response to this came from a well known Jesuit, Catholic Priest:     


It doesn't matter what your beliefs are or who you voted / plan on voting for...does this seem a little angry to you? Nevertheless, Idaho "makes the internet" once again.


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