Were you one of those affected by the massive Netflix outage?  I'm so glad I wasn't albeit I have other streaming apps like most of us if I had been affected.

I read about the outage when I was scrolling through Instagram Monday night while streaming the holiday episodes of the Great British Baking Show. Clearly, I wasn't affected since this favorite show of mine, so civilized and fun, streams on Netflix. We're so used to an all-or-nothing or regional outage, etc that it's quite annoying when it's scattered randomly like this was.

According to the Reuters website, it wasn't just in the United States but the world, where users were receiving an annoying error message whenever they tried to access Netflix  It looked strange as they always do, with this one popping up as “tvq-pb-101” according to The Verge website. It started Monday evening, December 11 and for the most part, this technical issue was resolved a few hours later.

There's still a bit of random chatter with subscribers who are still having issues.

Netflix Website
Netflix Website

A couple of my friends, one in Seattle and one in Denver texted me to see if I was having issues since they were. Meanwhile, one of my family members in New York couldn't log in while others there had zero issues.

Anyway, while Netflix’s status page failed to admit an issue for a couple of hours after it started according to The Verge, it now has its green checkmark that indicates the service is back up and running properly according to The Verge.

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