Folks in the Treasure Valley LOVE their pets and that is no secret! No matter the season, you're sure to see doggos running around on the greenbelt, in local breweries, and up on Boise's best hikes!

The good folks at the Idaho Humane Society are some of Idaho's finest when it comes to helping animals in need and finding them forever homes--they're an amazing resource to the community and for both first-time and long-time pet owners!

A recent adoption, may well have been the most popular they have seen in a long time--we're dubbing 'Zeke' as Idaho's most famous dog! 

Idaho's Most Popular Dog Might Be Zeke!

Many people hoped to take Zeke home this week from the Idaho Humane Society

Do you blame anyone for wanting Zeke!? 

We found the Facebook post that went up about Zeke and it received 69 reactions, over 39 comments, and many shares!


Here is what his friends at the Shelter had to say about Zeke: 

This stunner is Zeke, sure he's adorable and all but don't let his cuteness fool you. Zeke is a high energy confident boy. His previous owner reported he does well with other dogs and children. He likes walks on leash and to snuggle in a lap after he gets his zoomies out.

One of our colleagues made her way out to adopt Zeke and little did we know that half of the City of Boise would be there to adopt the 5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier!

You may remember Brittiany from just months ago, who was all over Boise news for her Idaho Powerball winnings!

Credit: Betsy Bolland, Townsquare Media
Credit: Betsy Bolland, Townsquare Media

Brittiany shared with us that on Sunday, she and her family saw Zeke at the Idaho Humane Society before he went internet famous! After seeing him on Facebook, she returned the next day to adopt but the line was already a mile long!

I knew that I wouldn't be bringing home Zeke because it was first come first serve, but I stuck around just in case!  It was clear people wanted Zeke, but never did I imagine there would almost be a fight for a small, sweet dog! Tempers were flaring given so many people wanted to bring Zeke home and luckily the staff at the Idaho Humane Society was able to cool off the situation!

We are thankful for the folks at the Idaho Humane Society who were able to help Zeke find a forever home! In fact, his new owners are already loving him and shared the below photo with us!

Credit: SB, Townsquare Media
Credit: SB, Townsquare Media

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