A woman caused quite a stir online after declaring that her husband left her asleep in a hot car after an argument.

She explained that they went out to lunch and while her husband drove home, she "fell asleep in the passenger seat."

"We got home and he and the children all went inside, leaving me in the hot car parked in direct sunlight with all the windows up and doors closed," she wrote via Mumsnet. "I only woke up [after] about 15 mins when my son came to look for something. I was boiling hot when I woke up and was so angry he'd left me there."

"We'd had an argument earlier and I almost think he did it on purpose. He says he didn't know I was asleep and thought I was just sitting in the car for a while," she continued. "I'd been sleeping with my head drooping forward about 10 miles so I think it would have been obvious."

Her husband claims that he told her they were home, but she ignored him.

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"I'm upset about what could have happened if I'd been there longer in that heat," she added. "There's no way I would leave a child in a hot car with windows all up so I don't see why he thinks it's OK to do it to me."

Users tried to reason with the woman, with many stating that she might be overreacting.

"I think you’re being a little bit dramatic. You’re an adult, more able to regulate your own temperature than a baby, I’m quite sure you wouldn’t have died. It does sound like he’s been a bit petty/spiteful after your row. I think you’re both being unreasonable," one person wrote.

Another commented, "I don’t see the problem if the car was unlocked? If you were overheating you’d wake up."

"I think it's nice of him to think that he'll let you stay and finish your nap and wake up in your own time - I hate being woken out of a deep sleep and would much rather come around naturally. He would have been better to have left the window down though. I very much doubt he didn't notice - I assume he's taking that line now because you are cross and he doesn't want to say that he knew you were asleep and thought you'd rather finish your nap," a third person said.

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