It doesn't matter how active or healthy the California lifestyle seems to be--drive by just about any fast-food restaurant around dinner time or especially in the overnight hours on a weekend and you're going to see a line of cars. Don't even get us started on the hour or longer wait at In-N-Out!

If you or someone you know is a fast food "person" there are some changes coming that you may want a heads up on.

Ready for change? Nobody ever is--but here's what to be on the lookout for, y'all...

Inside 7 Major Changes Hitting California Fast Food Restaurants

Do you find yourself hitting the drive through often? Heads up--some changes could look like this:

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How do you feel about these things?

While these changes are expected to spread across the nation soon enough, the sheer population and popularities of these chains in California means that corporate leaders are more likely to roll them out and try things out here before the rest of the country.

If you have ever left the country to a place like Europe, there are certainly major changes in culture and lifestyle. One of the most obvious just so happens to be on the roads. You aren't going to see a drive-thru or an overabundance of cars like you do here in America.

Clearly, we're different here and that is ok. Certain things should be looked at through a critical lens, however. Faster service at McDonald's? Is that 60-seconds really a big deal to most? Sure, we're busy with jobs, places to be, and perhaps for some a bunch of kids in the back! Food prepared so quick should be concerning, however--if not for the ingredients and processing than for our own lifestyles: can't we all slow down just a little and be conscious of the moment?

Bringing your own cup sounds amazing--it cuts back on disposable cups and might even save you some money but it certainly doesn't sound convenient. There are tradeoffs, no doubt.

What are your thoughts on the clear shift in Fast Food in California and beyond?

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