It’s definitely starting to get a colder here in the Treasure Valley, and that’s making some of our Idaho hot springs sound even more appealing.

We recently shared some of the best ways to truly unplug and relax in Idaho, and going to hot springs was on the list! We often carry more stress than we need to and going to relax in some hot springs is always one of the best ways to kick back, get your dose of Idaho’s beautiful nature, and alleviate stress and take it easy.

So, we wanted to share 5 of the best hot springs in the area, all of which are in the Boise National Forest.

Keep scrolling for a complete list and detailed trail information.

Personally, I feel like this is one of the best times of year for small hikes and hot springs because it’s not hot outside anymore, and it’s just the right amount of cold to make the hot springs extremely enjoyable.

There are a bunch of hot springs all throughout the Boise National Forest alone, and I wanted to look into how the hikes/trails are and share that information with you, too.

Surprisingly, not only are most of the trails very easy to access, but they're also really easy to walk – and some hot springs are literally right next to the parking lot.

Check em' out! 👇

5 of the Best Hot Springs Trails in the Boise National Forest

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