This week’s crazy weather got me thinking, “are tornadoes even a thing in Idaho?”

Turns out… they absolutely are thing in Idaho.

Actually, Idaho has a richer history with tornadoes than most people think.

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While we don’t experience tornadoes as drastically as other states do, we still definitely have them, and it’s generally not talked about very much.

In my research, I learned that Idaho has between 3-6 tornadoes touch the ground each year. Bet you wouldn't have guessed that — I know I was pretty shocked to learn that.

They can happen at any time, but according to ServiceMaster, “tornado season usually begins in March and lasts until June.”

We’re in “tornado season” people!

This has mostly been the case for Idaho, however, there was one recorded tornado in October. According to this document, “The Boise Tornado of October 26, 1984, was the first and only tornado ever reported in Idaho during the month of October.”

Regarding tornadoes specifically in Southwest Idaho and the Boise area, I believe the last one was recorded on May 26th, 2019—and that was just a few miles east of Mountain Home.

Thankfully, it wasn’t threatening and did not have any recorded damages.

As for the intensity of Idaho tornadoes, most of them are recorded to be very small and not harmful at all, but according to The Tornado Project, there have been 8 recorded tornadoes in Idaho that have caused death or injury.

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Idaho Tornadoes Causing Death or Injury

Information according to Tornado Project.

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