How lucky are we to live in Boise?

We live in a city that repeatedly makes top ten lists for having “the best in the nation” for loads of different categories, and it’s evident that more people than ever before — from all over the country and even the world — are moving to or visiting Boise.

As mentioned, Boise typically makes national lists... but this time it’s global. Choosing from anywhere in the world... The Travel recognized Boise on their list of 10 super cheap Fall vacations you can afford to take. Some other cities mentioned on the list were Kinosaki-Onsen, Japan, Cancun, Mexico, Boston, Massachusetts, Antalya, Turkey, and Bali, Indonesia.

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Fall in Boise is pretty amazing I guess haha! There’s no denying there will be an endless number of things to do during Fall, and the pre-Winter weather will likely still be tolerable, so there’s that.

But let’s see what The Travel had to say about Boise...

“Idaho's capital cannot be missed in the list of 10 super cheap fall vacations to take, thanks to its affordability feature. A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, Boise comes with incredible mountain biking, rafting, hiking, and many other adventure opportunities to explore in the fall. Boasting over 200 sunny days, Boise's temperature is always splendid. Temperature averages at 52.6 degrees in fall. Watching sunsets, exploring the public markets, and birding are other activities to enjoy in the fall.”

It's still Summer... so check out these 10 Idaho Summer Bucket List Adventures.

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