Well, let me first apologize to those who were offended that I used the word hate. I probably should have reworded that so it wasn't so offensive to some. I really just wanted to find out what were some of the downfalls of Thanksgiving. It's not only Thanksgiving but maybe the holidays in general.

It can be difficult when large groups of the family are gathering for the holidays and if you didn't see the post, well here it is.

With all that being said the holidays can be very difficult for some. Here are some examples of that.

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I know how they feel, I lost my mom when I was 17, and not very long ago my wife lost her grandma. For some, it's just being able to be around the family which is also hard, just because you can see or hear them it's nice being around family for the holidays.

There was one comment that I found that I had never even thought about.

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Did you know that peanut oil is $24.99 a gallon at Fred Myer? WOW!

Again, something I didn't even think about. Side note, be careful deep frying those Turkeys!

Someone was appalled that I even asked "What do you HATE about Thanksgiving?" but there are things that we hate. The short time we get to spend with family that doesn't live near us. I have to travel to Denver to spend time with family and it's for a short period of time. What about the DRUNKLE? The drunk uncle that ruins things every year? I don't have one of those but I've heard some stories.

Here's what other people had to say on Facebook.

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