Do you remember that game show Fear Factor, hosted by Joe Rogan? Contestants on the show faced some of society's biggest fears for a shot at some prize money. If we were on that show and the producers did their research, they would have the ultimate challenge to put us out of our misery.

How much money would it take for you to face your biggest fear?

Some people are scared of deep water or lakes, some people are scared of murderers on the loose, and others are terrified of haunted places.

Nevada is home to arguably one of the most haunted places on the entire planet... at least that's how it appears in a video we came across. It's creepy enough that if we were offered prize money of some sort like on the show Fear Factor, there is absolutely no way we would be going home with bags of cash. Absolutely not.

The YouTube channel Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places is full of gems but one of their videos stands out more than the rest: their video of them exploring the Horton Mine in Nevada.

While we can't confirm what is lurking inside the mine, the video we saw is convincing enough for us to never want to visit the mine, especially at night.

Do you have the toughness and fortitude to explore this mine after seeing what's going on inside? Check it out and then let us know!

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Check out the full video below:

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