So many great places to choose from! There are new and updated lists for the best Mexican food restaurants in the Boise area for 2023 — and we wanted to share with you the top choices. On the list below, we feature the TOP 3 choices from Yelp and the TOP 3 choices from Tripadvisor 👇

The Treasure Valley has so many great restaurants, and an especially large selection of Mexican food restaurants in the area. We’ve covered the Top 10 Mexican Food Restaurants in Boise before, but we wanted to provide a more updated list for you — featuring the best of the best from Yelp and Tripadvisor — these are their highest recommendations.

What are the best Mexican food restaurants in Boise? Let's find out!

It's interesting to compare the two lists, as both featured totally different restaurants, with the exception of The Matador. On Yelp's complete list of 10 best Mexican food restaurants in the Boise area, The Matador was rated #7 — and Tripadvisor had The Matador at #1.

You can tell these lists were specifically made for Boise, but there are amazing options all throughout the Treasure Valley. I can think of a handful of other top-notch Mexican restaurants in the surrounding cities that aren't mentioned on the list — like Enrique's in Kuna.

So, there's a bonus, honorable mention for you!

Keep scrolling for the TOP 3 Mexican food restaurants featured on Yelp and the TOP 3 Mexican food restaurants on Tripadvisor 👇

Take a look at the restaurants below and pick where you’re going for dinner tonight!

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