Happy National Curried Chicken Day! (Or National Chicken Curry Day) The Treasure Valley has so many incredible restaurants, and today we’re specifically looking into the highest rated and reviewed restaurants for chicken curry in the Boise area, according to Yelp.

Keep scrolling for the Top 10 Highest Rated & Reviewed Places for Curry in the Boise Area 👇

Every January 12th is National Chicken Curry Day, according to National Today, and they said...

“One of the yummiest days, National Curried Chicken Day, or National Chicken Curry Day, is on January 12. This fantastic dish has been filling our bellies in the Western world since the 1800s and has been in existence long before then. We have India to thank for providing us with this delicious recipe, which has since spread all over the world, reaching the United Kingdom, America, and the Caribbean.”

Yum. Chicken curry is one of my personal favorites, and I’ve loved learning about these restaurants in Boise, many of which I’ve never heard of before and I’m excited to try them out!

Yelp recently updated their list of the best places for chicken in the Boise area, and we used that list to share with you the Top 10. Happy National Chicken Curry Day!

Keep scrolling for that whole list and a bunch of other restaurants in Boise — 30 of the top-rated restaurants in the area, the best Mexican food restaurants and Italian restaurants and more 👇

Top 10 Highest Rated & Reviewed Places for Curry in the Boise Area

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