Will the Boise area ever have enough food options? NOPE. There’s always room for more food!

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The Treasure Valley has so many great restaurants, and an especially large selection of Mexican food restaurants in the area. We’ve covered the Top 10 Mexican Food Restaurants before, but we wanted to provide a more updated list for you — featuring the Top 5 Highest Rated & Reviewed Mexican Restaurants in Boise 👇

According to Stacker, “Mexican fare ranks with Italian and Chinese as Americans' top-three favorite global cuisines, according to the National Restaurant Association. Mexican flavors and ingredients have permeated all corners of American cuisine, infusing vibrant and varied tastes into Americans’ daily diet.”

So, let’s find out which restaurants in the Boise area have the best Mexican food!

The original Top 10 list that we previously covered came from Tripadvisor & Stacker, but this time we’ve inserted more of our own opinions and suggestions from Boise locals. Also, the list they previously compiled has since had unfortunate changes because of restaurant closures etc. So, I’ve adjusted the list a little bit to specifically feature the Top 5 Highest Rated & Reviewed Mexican Restaurants in Boise.

Keep scrolling to pick where you’re eating tonight haha and see which restaurant made #1 on our list — it was one of the most suggested restaurants from our listeners! And further down there's even an "Ultimate Taco Guide" for all the best tacos in Boise 👇

Top 5 Highest Rated & Reviewed Mexican Restaurants in Boise

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