Activist Ammon Bundy was arrested Friday night while attending a football fundraiser in Emmett. Mr. Bundy has been living at his home in Emmett for several months while authorities had sought to serve him with court papers about civil litigation. He and Diego Rodriguez were ordered to pay Saint Lukes Health Systems fifty-million dollars after losing a lawsuit where they did not appear in court. 

Ammon Bundy Fight for Liberty

A look at Mr. Bundy's Crusades


Mr. Bundy's arrested was documented on social media.


Mr. Bundy's arrest led several folks to protest outside the Gem County Jail demanding his release. He had taken to social media to inform the public that he was not limited to his home in Emmett, but was traveling across the state and did leave the country.


The People's Rights group has been supporting Mr. Bundy during his multiple legal engagements with the law which began during the pandemic. He has been arrested several times including at the Statehouse.

The lawsuit involves the statements and protests involving Saint Lukes, Meridian Police, and other law enforcement concerning Baby Cirus. The authorities took the baby saying that he needed proper medical care. Mr. Bundy and Mr. Roderiguez allege that the state had no right to do that action and the baby was healthy.

You can see the protests that were part of the civil litigation here.

Idahoans Protest Saint Luke's in Boise

Idahoans gather to bring Baby Cyrus back to his family.

Mr. Bundy ran as an independent for governor and prior to moving to Idaho was involved in a standoff against the federal government in Oregon and Nevada.

Ammon Bundy for Governor Event



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