The good news is that the days are getting longer as we prepare for spring and summer. The bad news is this weekend, the Treasure Valley and other parts of the Gem State will experience snow, snow showers, and more winter weather. After several years of dry winters, the winter of 2022-2023 has been one that has seen snow and more snow for Idahoans.

Depending on which model or forecast you're looking at, the snow will hit our area beginning tomorrow afternoon and continuing throughout the weekend. This winter has seen temperatures below average at times and above-average snowfall. The state's ski resorts have reported excellent ski conditions since opening last year.

Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio
Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio

Every Idahoan knows the importance of how the snowpack impacts our state's world-class irrigation system. The more snow that falls now means farmers and homeowners will have enough water to care for crops and yards.


This week we did see a few inches that impacted our morning commute. Thankfully the warmer temperatures didn't allow the snow to stick. If you're going out to the state basketball tournament in Nampa or to the Big Sky Basketball Tournament in Boise, please dress accordingly. Remember to brush off your vehicles windows and allow your vehicle to warm up before driving on snow covered roads.


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